Today finally marks the official in-store launch of Huawei’s new flagship, the Mate 20 Pro. When shopping for a new phone most customers are directed towards either Apple or Samsung. Usually iPhones and Galaxies offer some of the best specifications available and customers know what they are getting due to owning similar devices in the past.

Recently the industry as seen a change where the flagships from Samsung and Apple are now costing 4 figures, both the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 512GB and iPhone XS Max are £1000+, however the Note 9 base model is still available for £899. This is where Huawei are trying to be different.

Huawei’s new Mate 20 Pro flagship is also £899 the same as the Galaxy Note 9 however it is packed to the brim of advanced technologies that probably wont be seen in other handsets until 2019.  Below are some of the main features that sets Huawei’s new beast on a pedestal of its own.


1. The Camera

Huawei earned major applause for the Leica camera system found on last years P20 Pro and now they have gone and made it even better. The monochrome lens found on the P20 Pro has now been replaced with a Ultra Wide Angle lens to make sure you can capture all of the scene. The monochrome feature is still available thanks to the cameras software. The Mate 20 Pro has 3 cameras in total on the rear of the device, these are a 40 Megapixel Wide Angle Lens, a 20 Megapixel Ultra Wide Angle lens and a 8 Megapixel Telephoto Lens for superior zooming quality. The front facing camera is also a staggering 24 Megapixel lens so is sure to capture lots of detail for those all important selfies. It is also worth noting that the P20 was plagued with poor video stabilisation at 4k resolution, this is now fixed on the Mate 20 Pro.


2. The Processor/Speed

The new Mate 20 Pro comes with Huawei’s brand new in house processor the Kirin 980 and it is also the first Android phone to feature a 7nm processor. The advantage of this to the average consumer means that the processor can deliver fantastic performance whilst also giving the user better battery life thanks to a smaller chip requiring less voltage. Huawei advise that the 980 will deliver 75% better cpu performance whilst being 58% more efficient. The Mate 20 Pro also comes with 2 separate neural processing units, this is what allows the camera to instantly switch to the required modes when taking a photo dependant on your scene.


3. Battery and Charging

Samsung recently increased the battery in the flagship Galaxy Note 9 to a big 4000mah. Huawei has took this a step further in the Mate 20 Pro with a 4200mah battery. Even more impressive is the charger that’s INCLUDED IN THE BOX (yes im looking at you Apple). The included charger is the new fastest charger on the block with 40w of power. This allows you to go from 0-70% in an hour. This is even more impressive when you consider you are charging a 4200mah battery! Huawei are also selling a new wireless charger, if you combine the wireless charger with the 40w power brick then you will get 15w wireless charging. Obviously not as fast as wired charging but the 15w makes this the fastest wireless charger also! Oh and saving the best charging feature till last.. The Mate 20 Pro can also reverse wireless charge other devices. This means if you have a second wireless charging compatible device then it is as simple as flicking a switch in the settings then you can share some of that whopping 4200 mah battery.

4. Biometrics

Huawei have packed multiple biometric options into the Mate 20 Pro. Firstly there is a 3D imaging depth sensor similar to the one found on the newer iPhone models. The 3D depth sensor is more secure than the standard facial unlock on other Android devices but is also quicker and more accurate than the Iris Scanner found on Galaxy devices. The most ground breaking feature here is the Fingerprint Scanner. It is not on the front of the device and it is not on the back, so where is it? It is under the display! Huawei previously offered this on there luxurious Porsche model phones however this will be the first widely available device to bring it to the mainstream. Of course being an Android device you can also take advantage of features such as Smart Unlock which enables you to automatically unlock whilst at home, something that iOS still doesn’t offer. Even more impressive is that EMUI 9 (Huawei’s own version of Android) lets you lock individual apps which will require your Fingerprint or Face ID to unlock. You can also have a secure space on the phone to hide any sensitive photos, videos or apps you may have.

5. Wireless Desktop Mode

The Wireless Desktop Mode enables you to use your Mate 20 Pro on any display that supports Miracast without even needing a wire or dongle. Even better is that it wont just display your phone screen, it actually gives you a pc like interface where your Mate 20 Pro becomes your Trackpad. If you have a TV that doesn’t support Miracast then Huawei will be selling a separate dongle so you are not left out.

Wrap Up

So these are five of our favourite features on the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro and there are also many more benefits such as supporting Android Pie 9.0 out of the box. Huawei have really pushed the boundaries with the Mate 20 Pro and in our opinion have released the most advanced phone of 2018. The Mate 20 Pro should comfortably at the top of the Android pile until the Galaxy S10 comes next year.

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