Samsung phones are widely known for the advanced settings they offer and vast customisation options. If you currently own a Samsung smartphone then you will be pleased to know that you can customise it even further thanks to Samsung’s very own Good Lock 2018 app.

The Good Lock 2018 application is downloadable from the Galaxy Apps Store (you wont find it on Google Play) and once installed allows you to download various add-ons that enable various features such as designing your own lockscreen or editing the way the split screen multitasking works. Good Lock comes with the following add-ons.



Lockstar is a personal favourite of mine and actually the main reason I use the Good Lock 2018 app. I absolutely hate when a clock or icon is obscuring a photo on my lock screen or home screen, this means I use regular abstract backgrounds for my home screens and then try and choose a picture of my girlfriend that fits in with the clock position. This is now a thing of the past with Lock Star as it allows you to edit the lock screen and add or remove any of the elements. You can then also enter a free edit screen which allows you to reposition your clock to anywhere on the screen.



Samsung phones ship with arguably the best screens available today. Samsung’s Super Amoled displays offer rich blacks and vibrant colours however the standard theme on your device is bright white. The Quickstar add-on allows you to edit the colour of your notification pull down, this includes your Wi-Fi, data, volume etc toggles and also the notification colour and text. I love having dark notifications and it is now possible thanks to the Quickstar add-on. Quickstar also allows you to remove status bar items, for example if you leave your Bluetooth permanently on or want to remove your alarm clock icon then this is now possible without rooting your device.  The final option in Quickstar allows you to add a multiwindow toggle to your notifications when you are swiping them.

Task Changer

Task Changer is a simple add on that allows you to change the way your recent apps window looks. The view enabled by Task Changer looks similar to the one found on iOS and Android Pie. You can also change the scrolling effect, blur the background and also there is a mini option to aid with one handed recent apps switching.



The Routines add-on allows you to setup automatic features on your phone, similar to the old Android favourite Tasker however Tasker was quite difficult to setup. Automation is increasing in popularity due to the new Shortcuts app from Apple from iOS 12 so this is a way for you to test it on your Galaxy device. The options are endless but you can use this add on to automatically turn off Wi-Fi when you are away from your house, open a certain app when you connect to your car or even enable certain settings when you start watching a movie within a certain app. This is certainly an option you will have fun playing around with.


Clockface allows you to edit the design of the clock on your Always on Display and Lockscreen. You can choose from various different designs and colours to give your Galaxy a unique look.


Other Add-ons

These aren’t the only add-on’s available on Good Lock 2018. Goodlock also features EdgeLighting+, One Hand Operation+, Sound Assistant and Multistar. EdgeLighting+ will enable you to use the curved screen of your Galaxy to display coloured notifications. One Hand Operation+ adds additional one handed support so you can gain easy access to all of your screen, similar to Apple’s Reachability feature.  Sound Assistant enables you to control application volume individually and also you can enable a floating sound menu rather than the current method which covers half of your screen. Multistar is the newest addon from Samsung and this allows you to force any app into the split screen view. Multistar is also unique as it allows 2 apps to run simultaneously, this means you could theoretically play 2 different games at once.


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