The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a great phone for power users. With a stunning 6.4 inch Super Amoled Display you are going to want to keep it protected. I have used various cases during my Note 9 ownership days and I have purchased many cases however I always end up returning to the same one. So which case is it?

Official Samsung Protective Stand Cover Caseff

My chosen case is the Official Samsung Protective Stand Cover Case which retails for £34.99. There are various reasons as to why I am recommending this case for all Note 9 users

In Hand Feel

This case feels superb in the hand. It adds a little weight to the device but not in a bad way, also the case feels solid in the hand and really feels like it will withstand a few knocks and drops along the way. The patterned lines on the back of the case also help with grip and this is vital for such a large device.

Perfect Buttons & Cutouts

Samsung have done a great job with this case. Being an official case means you get superb feeling buttons and also perfect cut outs for your charging cable, s pen and headphone jack.

Drop Protection

This official Samsung case has been given an official military grade drop rating, this means your Note 9 will be safe and protected from everyday drops and knocks.

The Kickstand

This is potentially the killer feature for me. The stand is positioned in the middle which means it supports your Note being in either landscape or portrait orientation. The stand is also firm and feels solid which cant be said for the most popular Spigen alternative.

So that wraps up why the Official Samsung Protective Stand Cover Case is my recommendation. If you are looking for something a little lighter then the Spigen Liquid Armour from Amazon is a solid option


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